About Grok

Grok is a Slack application that leverages the power of GPT-3 to provide summaries and intelligent insights about Slack conversations and threads. It can be used on-demand or as part of a daily digest, ensuring that you never miss out on a conversation and can get up to speed quickly.

Here are four key features of Grok:

  1. On-demand summary of conversations: Grok can provide a concise summary of any ongoing conversation in your Slack workspace.
  2. On-demand summary of message threads: If there’s a specific thread you’re interested in, Grok can summarize it for you.
  3. Automatic summary when joining a conversation: When you join a new conversation, Grok automatically provides a summary to help you catch up.
  4. Daily digest of up to 5 conversations: Grok can provide a daily digest summarizing up to five conversations, ensuring you stay informed about the most important discussions.