About HelpHub by CommandBar

HelpHub by CommandBar is an AI-powered platform designed to provide user assistance within any application. It combines in-app help, natural language search, and non-intrusive nudges to create a comprehensive support system for users.

Here are four key features of HelpHub

  1. In-App Help Center: HelpHub allows you to make your help documents, walkthrough videos, and blog posts searchable within your app, ensuring that help is always at your users’ fingertips.
  2. Custom ChatGPT for Your App: You can use the content in HelpHub to train a custom AI-powered chatbot, providing a personalized assistance experience for your users.
  3. Search That Feels Like Magic: HelpHub offers an easy and fast way for users to search for features, data, and help content, enhancing the user experience.
  4. Right Place, Right Time: The platform can give users a gentle nudge down the right path, intercept confusion, spotlight features, and suggest upgrades, ensuring users are guided effectively through your app.