About Inspo

Inspo is an innovative tool designed to stimulate and enrich creative thinking across a wide range of topics. It serves as a search engine for inspiration, catering to various needs such as content creation, campaign planning, brainstorming sessions, and moment marketing.

Here are four key features of Inspo

  1. Inspiration Search Engine: Inspo is a unique search engine that provides inspiration on any topic, helping to spark creativity and generate new ideas.
  2. Content and Campaign Planning: It can be used for content creation and campaign planning, providing fresh perspectives and innovative concepts.
  3. Brainstorming Tool: Inspo is an effective tool for brainstorming sessions, offering a wealth of ideas to stimulate creative thinking.
  4. Powered by AI: The platform is powered by GPT-3 and Millennial associations from the HaikuJAM social writing game, ensuring a diverse and rich source of inspiration.