About Josh.ai

Josh.ai is a pioneering platform in the realm of intelligent living, leveraging advanced AI technologies to orchestrate the technology in all aspects of your home, delivering an exciting and effortless living experience. It utilizes natural interfaces like voice and touch, making it accessible to everyone in the home, regardless of age or ability.

Features of Josh.ai

  1. Natural Language Processing: Josh.ai uses proprietary Natural Language Processing technology, allowing users to interact with their home in a natural, conversational manner.
  2. Wellness Living: Josh.ai promotes a healthier lifestyle through technologies such as circadian lighting control, air quality sensors, and generative healing music, all orchestrated together by Josh.
  3. Pattern Recognition and Learning: Josh.ai learns from your preferences without being intrusive. For example, if you prefer the shades closed on a hot afternoon, Josh will take note of that preference. It is always learning and growing, becoming more intelligent the more you interact with it.