About Kalendar AI

Kalendar AI is an innovative platform that leverages artificial intelligence to automate the process of generating revenue. It does this by reaching out to potential customers, booking meetings, and sealing exclusive deals through live chat sessions. The platform has a vast reach, with the ability to connect with over 200 million companies globally.

Features of Kalendar AI

  1. Sales Agents: Kalendar AI’s sales agents are capable of selling products and services, establishing new investor relations, fostering new work relationships, and recruiting quality candidates.
  2. AI-Optimized Mailboxes: Each sales agent is equipped with ten AI-optimized mailboxes that are designed with over 25 spam-tolerant signals. This feature ensures effective communication with potential customers.
  3. Autonomous Booking: The platform’s agents can autonomously book revenue by setting up a meeting or sealing exclusive deals through chat. This feature is powered by GPT4, a state-of-the-art language model, which enables the agents to conduct live chat sessions effectively.