About Kraftful

Kraftful is a cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionize product development through AI-powered analysis of user feedback. It is a tool that aids product builders in understanding their users’ needs, thereby enabling them to create delightful products.

Here are four key features of Kraftful:

  1. Feedback Analysis: Kraftful uses GPT-4 powered solution to save hundreds of hours spent on analyzing feedback. It uncovers user needs and provides insights into frequently mentioned topics in user feedback.
  2. Deep Dive: The platform is powered by ChatGPT, which allows you to interact with your user data to quickly answer important questions, write Jira tickets, PRDs, and more.
  3. Roadmapping: Kraftful allows you to build to-do lists to share with your team and export insights to your product roadmap.
  4. AI Summaries: Kraftful provides AI summaries of user feedback, saving product builders significant time and providing them with actionable insights.