About LangChain

LangChain is a transformative technology that allows developers to build applications using large language models (LLMs). It is designed to assist in the development of applications that combine LLMs with other sources of computation or knowledge, enabling the creation of powerful applications that were previously unattainable.

Features of LangChain

  1. LLMs and Prompts: LangChain provides prompt management, prompt optimization, a generic interface for all LLMs, and common utilities for working with LLMs.
  2. Chains: LangChain offers a standard interface for chains, which involve sequences of calls to an LLM or a different utility. It also provides integrations with other tools and end-to-end chains for common applications.
  3. Agents: LangChain provides a standard interface for agents, a selection of agents to choose from, and examples of end-to-end agents. Agents involve an LLM making decisions about which actions to take, taking that action, seeing an observation, and repeating that until done.