About Lexion

Lexion is a platform that helps operations teams get deals done faster. It is designed to accelerate various processes such as sales, procurement, legal, HR, and security reviews. Lexion guarantees a great experience in implementing its system, promising to simplify and streamline contract workflows across your organization.


Centralized Dashboard: Lexion offers a centralized dashboard that brings your company’s contracting together in one place. This feature allows every team to know where their deals stand and take steps to keep them moving. It provides proactive status updates and alerts, keeping every team in the loop automatically.

Works with Email, Slack, Salesforce, and More: Lexion is designed for quick adoption with incredibly easy intake. Stakeholders can submit requests and initiate tasks from their inbox, so no one has to learn a new tool to accelerate their deals. It allows for contract requests via email and seamless collaboration both inside and outside of Lexion.

Intuitive Automation: Lexion’s No-Code Workflow Automation works the way you think, allowing you to easily streamline and automate your contracting processes with no training or IT help. This feature enables you to assign owners and followers, route contracts for approval, generate templated documents, and send documents for signature.