About LIMA

LIMA, developed by Meta’s AI researchers, is a new language model that matches the performance of GPT-4 and Bard in test scenarios. The model, whose name stands for “Less is More for Alignment,” demonstrates that a few examples are enough to achieve high-quality results with an extensively pre-trained AI model.

Features of LIMA

  1. High Performance: LIMA achieves GPT-4 and Bard level performance in test scenarios, even when fine-tuned with relatively few examples.
  2. Efficient Learning: The model’s name, “Less is More for Alignment,” signifies its ability to learn effectively from a limited number of examples. Meta manually selected 1,000 diverse prompts and their output from various sources to refine its model.
  3. Large Scale: LIMA is based on Meta’s own 65-billion-parameter LLaMA model, demonstrating its capacity to handle large-scale language modeling tasks.