About Makelog

Makelog is a platform that transforms product updates into a powerful asset for software teams. It integrates with tools that teams already use, cutting down status update time to less than 30 minutes a week. It’s used by customer-first companies who care about good software.

Key Features

  1. Share Product Updates via Slack: Makelog allows teams to share product updates directly through Slack. Teams can choose to share a single update or a weekly digest, keeping stakeholders in the loop with the latest product developments.
  2. Integrations with Existing Tools: Makelog integrates with the tools that teams are already using, making it easier to capture release notes and see what’s recently shipped.
  3. Flexible Pricing Plans: Makelog offers different pricing plans to suit various needs. From a solo plan for testing the waters to an enterprise plan for larger teams with custom needs, Makelog provides options to fit different budgets and requirements.