About MemPrompt

MemPrompt is a method designed to enhance the performance of GPT-3 after its deployment. It achieves this by maintaining a memory of errors and user feedback, ensuring that past mistakes are not repeated.

Features of MemPrompt

  1. Memory of Errors and Feedback: MemPrompt keeps a record of errors and user feedback to avoid repeating the same mistakes.
  2. Adding New Feedback to Memory: When a user poses a question for which no feedback exists, and GPT-3 provides an incorrect answer, the user can offer feedback on the misunderstanding. This feedback is then stored in the memory for future reference.
  3. Utilizing Old Feedback for New Questions: If a user asks a question that GPT-3 has previously answered incorrectly and received feedback on, this feedback is retrieved from memory. Both the question and feedback are then used in the prompt, allowing GPT-3 to generate a more accurate understanding and response.