About neural.love

Neural.love is a platform dedicated to providing AI-driven content synthesis and enhancement tools. The website emphasizes user privacy, ensuring that user data is never stored post-removal or used for AI training. They offer a range of tools from generating AI art to enhancing videos, images, and audio quality online.

Features of neural.love

  1. AI-Driven Content Synthesis & Enhancement: Neural.love offers tools that require no installation or powerful computers. Users can enhance their videos or images directly on the platform. All files are stored privately and encrypted, ensuring only the user can access them.
  2. Free AI Art Generator: Users can create stunning masterpieces by providing 2-3 words to the AI. This tool has generated over 32 million images, with options for more detailed results, especially for faces.
  3. AI-Generated Avatars: By uploading 20+ images, users can get a free text-to-image tool and prompt templates. This feature can also be accessed via an API.
  4. Enhance Video Quality Online: This automated machine-learning tool can enhance and restore digital media from any era. Over 43,939 videos have been improved using this feature.
  5. Enhance Image Quality Online: The platform can resize and enhance any web or printed image. So far, over 787,490 images have been enhanced using this tool.
  6. Enhance Audio Quality Online: Neural.love’s advanced neural network can boost audio sample rates up to 48 kHz, allowing users to achieve CD-quality audio online.

Additional Features

  • Useful Materials: Neural.love provides a collection of valuable materials and tutorials about AI tools and AI-related topics. This includes guides on restoring old family photos, understanding image and video upscale algorithms, and more.
  • Support for Ukraine: The platform donates a part of every payment to provide humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people.
  • Technical Support & API: Neural.love offers technical support to its users and provides an API for developers to integrate its tools into their applications.