About Nightfall

Nightfall AI is a trusted Data Leak Prevention (DLP) platform designed to discover, classify, and protect sensitive data across various SaaS and cloud applications. Leveraging advanced machine learning, Nightfall ensures the security and compliance of sensitive data, preventing its leakage to public Generative AI and SaaS applications. The platform boasts high accuracy in detection, ensuring reduced false positives and efficient protection of high-risk sensitive data.

Features Of Nightfall

  1. Data Leak Prevention for Cloud and GenAI: Nightfall offers robust protection against the leakage of sensitive and confidential data to public GenAI and SaaS applications. It specializes in accurately detecting various types of sensitive data, including PHI, PII, Secrets & Keys, and PCI.
  2. Easy Integration: Nightfall can be integrated within minutes to detect sensitive data in over 100 file types, including images. The best part is that there are no agents required for installation.
  3. Continuous Compliance: The platform offers continuous data monitoring and automated remediation, ensuring businesses remain compliant with industry-leading standards.
  4. High Accuracy with AI: Nightfall’s AI-powered detection minimizes false positives, saving security teams valuable time and ensuring the protection of high-risk sensitive data.
  5. Pre-built Integrations for SaaS: Nightfall provides pre-built integrations for leading SaaS applications, which can be installed with a single click without the need for agents.
  6. APIs for Custom Apps: Nightfall offers APIs that help classify and protect sensitive data, such as PII and credentials, which are input into AI models and applications.
  7. Nightfall for ChatGPT: This is a browser plugin that integrates directly with end-users’ browsers to redact sensitive data sent in prompts.
  8. Automate Compliance: Nightfall takes away the manual work involved in maintaining compliance. It offers out-of-the-box compliance for various standards, automated remediation of sensitive data, and consolidated reporting to ease the process of annual audits.

Additional Features

  • Applications Integration: Nightfall extends its data leak prevention capabilities across various secured applications. This includes popular platforms like Slack, Salesforce, Jira, Confluence, Google Drive, GitHub, Asana, Zendesk, and more. Additionally, developers have the flexibility to cover any application using Nightfall’s Developer Platform.
  • Latest Updates: Nightfall is continuously evolving, as seen from their recent updates. They have launched a complete DLP solution for GenAI and emphasize the importance of building a strong culture of security in the age of GenAI.