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Numerous.ai is an AI-powered spreadsheet plugin designed to enhance the capabilities of Google Sheets and Excel. The platform is geared towards reducing the time spent on spreadsheet-related tasks by integrating ChatGPT functionalities directly into your spreadsheets. This allows users to perform a variety of tasks, from extracting text and generating formulas to using ChatGPT for various purposes.

Features of Numerous.ai

  1. Use ChatGPT Inside Your Cells: With the =AI() function, users can prompt ChatGPT to perform tasks such as making educated guesses, summarizing text into bullet points, extracting specific parts of text, and more.
  2. Teach AI to Handle Repetitive Tasks: The =INFER() function allows users to teach Numerous.ai to handle repetitive tasks. By providing a few examples, the AI can handle tasks like categorizing items, formatting cells, sentiment analysis, and more.
  3. Write Text with ChatGPT: The =WRITE() function enables ChatGPT to write on behalf of the user. This can be used for creating marketing copies, SEO descriptions, customer responses, and more.
  4. Generate Formulas Using Plain English: Users can describe the formula they want, and Numerous.ai will generate it. This feature is especially useful for complex functions like VLOOKUP, QUERY, and REGEX.
  5. Get Explanations for Complex Formulas: If a user is unsure about a formula in a sheet, Numerous.ai can provide an explanation in plain English.

Additional Features

  • Pricing Plans: Numerous.ai offers various pricing plans to cater to different user needs:
    • Individual Plan: Priced at $10/month, it offers 500,000 characters of ChatGPT input & output and 500 formula generations. This plan is limited to a single user.
    • Professional Plan: Priced at $30/month, it provides 2,500,000 characters of ChatGPT input & output and 2,500 formula generations. Users can share access with multiple people and also get email support.
    • Enterprise Plan: Priced at $120/month, this plan offers 12,500,000 characters of ChatGPT input & output and 12,500 formula generations. It allows sharing access with an entire company domain and includes email support.