About Nvidia Omniverse Avatar

NVIDIA Omniverse™ Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) is a cutting-edge suite that offers real-time AI solutions for the comprehensive development and deployment of interactive avatars and digital human applications. These applications are grounded in the Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) and are powered by NVIDIA RTX™ technology.

Features of NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar

  1. Simple to Build: Omniverse ACE simplifies the avatar development process, eliminating the need for specialized expertise or equipment. With its cloud-native AI microservices and AI workflows like Tokkio, it allows users to construct realistic avatars swiftly.
  2. Realistic Results: The platform offers a plethora of software tools and APIs, such as Omniverse Audio2Face for 3D character animation, NVIDIA Live Portrait for 2D image animation, and Conversational AI solutions like NVIDIA Riva for natural speech and translation-AI-based interaction. Additionally, it incorporates NVIDIA NeMo for Generative AI, ensuring lifelike avatars.
  3. Flexible Deployment: Omniverse ACE provides the flexibility to build, configure, and deploy avatar applications across any engine in any cloud, be it public or private. It caters to both real-time and offline requirements, ensuring the avatar is tailored to the user’s needs.
  4. ACE End-to-End Development Suite: This suite comprises cloud APIs and customizable microservices based on NVIDIA’s UCF and RTX™ technology. Along with domain-specific AI workflows and low-code tooling, it forms a comprehensive avatar development suite.
  5. Animation AI: Omniverse ACE can animate avatars realistically using 2D and 3D character animation based on video or audio input. The 3D animation AI utilizes Omniverse Audio2Face generative AI, while the 2D animation AI, known as Live Portrait, animates 2D portraits using live video feeds.
  6. Speech AI: This feature enhances user engagement with avatars that can understand and converse in real-time using NVIDIA Riva microservices and APIs. It offers Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-speech (TTS), and Neural Machine Translation (NMT) capabilities.
  7. NeMo Service: This service facilitates the development of intelligent avatars using pretrained generative AI language models, allowing enterprises to customize and deploy large language models at scale.
  8. Unified Compute Framework: Omniverse ACE operates on NVIDIA’s Unified Compute Framework (UCF), a low-code framework designed for the development of cloud-native, real-time, and multimodal AI applications.

Additional Features

  • AI Avatar Workflows: Developers can utilize ACE to create avatar solutions from scratch or employ NVIDIA’s domain-specific AI workflows for advanced customer engagement, content generation, live communications, and more.
  • Interactive Virtual Assistants, Game Development, and Real-Time Communication: These features enhance the user experience, making it more immersive and interactive.
  • NVIDIA Tokkio: An application integrated with Omniverse ACE, NVIDIA Tokkio brings AI-driven customer service to retail outlets and fast-food restaurants. It employs NVIDIA AI models and technologies like NVIDIA Metropolis, Riva, and NeMo.
  • NVIDIA’s Toy Jensen Avatar: This showcases the capabilities of Omniverse ACE, demonstrating its potential in creating lifelike avatars for various applications.