About Paperspace

Paperspace is a platform designed for AI developers, offering cloud machine learning, AI, and GPU infrastructure. The platform focuses on simplicity, speed, and affordability, aiming to provide developers with the tools they need to take AI models from concept to production. With over 500,000 users, Paperspace has established itself as a leading platform in the AI development space.

Features of Paperspace

  1. Develop, Train, and Deploy: Paperspace offers a streamlined process for AI development. Users can launch a notebook to build a proof of concept, train or fine-tune their models with machines, and then convert these models into scalable API endpoints.
  2. Infinite Compute: Paperspace provides instant access to fast GPU and IPUs, ensuring a top-notch developer experience. They offer low-cost GPUs with per-second billing, allowing users to save up to 70% on compute costs compared to other solutions.
  3. Predictable Costs: With on-demand pricing, users only pay for what they use. This pricing model ensures that costs are predictable and manageable.
  4. No Commitments: Users can easily change instance types to find the right balance between cost and performance. There’s also no long-term commitment, so users can cancel anytime.
  5. Infrastructure Abstraction: Paperspace handles job scheduling, resource provisioning, and more, eliminating the need for users to manage servers.
  6. Collaboration: The platform is designed for team collaboration, offering insights into team utilization, permissions, and more.

Additional Features

  • Free Signup and Easy Setup: Users can start training models in seconds with pre-configured templates.
  • Full Reproducibility: Paperspace offers automatic versioning, tagging, and life-cycle management, ensuring that projects are easily reproducible.
  • Global Scale and World-Class Support: Paperspace is designed for scalability and offers top-tier support to its users.
  • Partnerships: Paperspace has partnered with Graphcore to offer on-demand access to IPUs, accelerating modern workloads from AI to data science.