About Photo AI

Photo AI is a revolutionary platform that allows users to generate photorealistic images of people using artificial intelligence. With this technology, users can save money by conducting a photo shoot from their laptop or phone, eliminating the need for an expensive photographer. The platform offers the ability to create AI characters and conduct photo shoots in various poses, locations, and styles. Users can even try on clothes they upload on their own AI character.

Features of Photo AI

  1. Create Your Own AI Character: Users can train their own AI character by uploading a set of 30 diverse photos. These photos should cover various places, settings, times, and attire. Once trained, which takes about 30 minutes, the AI character can recognize and replicate the uploaded styles.
  2. Design Photorealistic Scenes: Users can design any scene they desire, from common settings to rare, breathtaking moments. By simply describing the desired scene, the model generates a highly realistic photo that matches the user’s vision. Currently, generating a photo takes about 121 seconds.
  3. Try on Clothes: Users can import clothes from the web into Photo AI and try them on their AI model, visualizing different styles and outfits.
  4. Magic Editor: This feature allows users to make changes to generated photos. If there’s something in the photo they don’t like, they can describe the desired change, and the editor will adjust accordingly. This tool is also useful for correcting typical AI artifacts and anomalies.

Additional Features

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): The platform provides a comprehensive FAQ section that answers questions about how Photo AI works, its cost, the affiliate program, payment methods, and more.
  • Preset Photo Shoots: Photo AI offers over 30 preset photo shoots, such as Tinder, Professional headshots, Instagram, Boudoir, and more. Users can select any of these presets to generate a set of photos without the need for manual input.
  • Affiliate Program: Users can join the Photo AI affiliate program and earn a 20% commission on payments for all referred customers.