About PimEyes

PimEyes is a sophisticated online face search engine that scours the internet to identify images containing specific faces. By leveraging face recognition search technologies, it offers a reverse image search capability. This platform is designed to help individuals find where their face appears online, ensuring their privacy and aiding in copyright infringement audits.

Features of PimEyes

  1. Face Search Engine: PimEyes is not just a reverse image search tool; it focuses on facial recognition. Users can upload a photo, and the system will identify where similar images or even images with the same face on different backgrounds are published online.
  2. Privacy Protection: PimEyes believes in the right to privacy. With the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the platform assists users in locating their images online, safeguarding them from potential scams, identity theft, or unauthorized use of their photos.
  3. PROtect Plan: This plan offers a series of features:
    • Photo Upload: Users can upload their photos to search for online instances where their face appears.
    • Access Results: Subscribers can access the sources of their results, including website addresses that have their photos and links to the source images.
    • Alert Setting: Users can set alerts to monitor their online presence, receiving email notifications when PimEyes finds a new result with their face.
    • Photo Erasure: This feature allows users to permanently delete unwanted photos from external websites, addressing the issue of unauthorized image use.
  4. Reverse Image Search Explanation: PimEyes provides a detailed explanation of what a reverse image search is, how it works, and how to perform one. It emphasizes the difference between a regular image search and one that focuses on facial recognition.
  5. Exclusion from Search Results: PimEyes offers an opt-out feature, allowing users to hide their existing photos from appearing on the public search results page. This ensures further privacy, though it’s noted that the original source of the photo remains online.

Additional Features

  • Online Presence Monitoring: With the alert system, users can continuously monitor their online presence, ensuring they are aware of where their face appears online.
  • Defend Against Illegal Image Use: PimEyes is not just about finding your face online; it’s also a tool to reclaim image rights and defend against unauthorized or illegal use.
  • Face Focusing Mechanism: Unlike traditional reverse image search engines that focus on the entire picture, PimEyes zeroes in on the face, ensuring more accurate and relevant results.