About PitchBook VC Exit Predictor

PitchBook is a leading resource offering comprehensive data on the global capital markets. With its suite of award-winning software applications, PitchBook provides unparalleled insights into the private market, empowering capital market professionals worldwide. The platform boasts robust datasets on public and private markets, with a focus on providing actionable context derived from raw data.


  1. Comprehensive Data: PitchBook offers data on over 3.6 million companies, 2.1 million deals, 484K investors, and 119K funds. This vast dataset allows professionals to discern market trends and make informed predictions.
  2. Research and Insights: PitchBook analysts transform raw data into actionable insights, providing context that helps customers make informed decisions.
  3. Product Suite: The platform offers a range of products, including PitchBook Desktop, PitchBook Mobile, CRM Integration, Excel Plugin, Chrome Extension, and more.
  4. Trusted Source: With over 5,172 press citations in 2022, PitchBook is frequently cited by top-tier media organizations, showcasing its credibility in the industry.
  5. Customer-Centric Approach: PitchBook prides itself on earning the trust of its clients, with many sticking around for years, showcasing the platform’s commitment to customer success.

Additional Features

  1. Leveraged Commentary and Data Integration: PitchBook has integrated Leveraged Commentary and Data’s (LCD) credit data, news, and research, offering users even more comprehensive insights.
  2. Networking and Business Development: Beyond just data, PitchBook provides solutions for networking, business development, deal sourcing, and more, catering to various needs of capital market professionals.
  3. Global Presence: With headquarters in the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, PitchBook has a global footprint, ensuring it caters to the needs of professionals worldwide.