About Prompts.ai

Prompts.ai is an advanced playground for GPT-3. It is designed to serve two primary purposes:

  1. Assist first-time GPT-3 users in understanding the capabilities, strengths, and limitations of the technology.
  2. Aid developers in experimenting with prompt engineering, optimizing the product for specific use cases such as creative writing, classification, chatbots, and more.

Features of Prompts.ai

  1. Examples: This feature allows users to run the same prompt on multiple data examples. It is specifically designed for classification and transformation tasks.
  2. Variations: Users can generate multiple completions for a prompt and store them in a single list. They can then compare variations based on parameters and initial prompts. This feature is tailored for creative writing tasks.
  3. Conversations: A chat-like interface lets users experiment with conversational bots. It also supports maintaining multiple conversations simultaneously.
  4. Workspaces: Enables users to swiftly switch between and experiment with various prompts. The state is saved in local storage. Users can also download/upload prompts with parameters and examples as files.
  5. Code Generators: Provides code generators for Python, Node.js, Javascript, and shell.
  6. Undo/Redo: Allows users to undo or redo changes made to parameters and prompts.
  7. Shortcuts: Offers various keyboard shortcuts to enhance user experience.
  8. Templates: Predefined templates to assist users in prompt creation.

Additional Features

  1. Roadmap: The roadmap includes minor UX changes, such as using line break symbols instead of “\n”, and introducing log probabilities.
  2. Authorization and Collaborative Features: Future updates might include features that allow users to collaborate on prompts.
  3. Community Features: These would enable users to share and discover prompts within the community.