About Socket

Socket is a robust security solution designed to protect your software supply chain. It focuses on fighting vulnerabilities and providing visibility, defense-in-depth, and proactive supply chain protection for JavaScript and Python dependencies. Socket is not a traditional vulnerability scanner but a proactive defense system that detects and blocks over 70 signals of supply chain risk in open source code.

Here are four key features of Socket

  1. Supply Chain Protection: Socket offers comprehensive protection against vulnerabilities in your software supply chain, especially for JavaScript and Python dependencies.
  2. Real-time Suspicious Package Update Detection: Socket monitors changes to package.json and other files in real-time, preventing compromised or hijacked packages from infiltrating your supply chain.
  3. AI-Powered Threat Analysis: Socket AI, powered by ChatGPT, provides advanced threat analysis to enhance the security of your software supply chain.
  4. Developer and Security Team Trust: Socket is trusted by developers and security teams worldwide. It is built by a team of prolific open source maintainers and is used by some of the best security teams in the world for visibility into supply chain risk and to build a security feedback loop into the development process.