About Steamship

Steamship is a platform designed to build, scale, and monitor AI agents. It provides serverless cloud hosting, vector search, webhooks, callbacks, and more to facilitate the development and deployment of AI agents.

Here are four key features of Steamship

  1. Build Quickly: Steamship offers a low-code Python SDK for building serverless agents. It supports the creation of personalities with prompts, image generation with multi-modal support, reasoning and tool usage with ReAct, and connection to apps with API endpoints.
  2. Run Faster: With Steamship, you can deploy an agent and allow anyone to create a private instance for use on the web, Telegram, or as an API. It also supports the creation of various types of bots, such as GPT bots, DALL-E image generation bots, QA bots, and voice generation bots.
  3. Scale Effortlessly: Steamship allows for easy scaling of agent fleets. It supports auto-scaling of agents, swapping of different LLMs, integrated vector search, multi-user tenancy, and version tracking.
  4. Monitor Your Agents: Steamship provides insights into your agents and their behavior. It allows for task history review, detailed invocation logs, and consolidated tracking across AI providers. It also offers simple billing, consolidating training, inference, vector search, and endpoint hosting costs.